Thursday, 29 January 2009

Silver Jewellery From Cornwall

We now have some beautiful silver jewellery designed and made by an old acquaintance from Cornwall, Les Freke. Les still lives and works in Cornwall but has kindly let us have some of his pieces for the Artcafé to see what we make of them 'up country'. They're all silver or combinations of silver and semi-precious stones and some of his recent designs incorporate some gold too. Apologies for the fuzzy pictures, they're from my phone camera and I'll post some nice sharp ones as soon as I get time.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Important Work!

We've just returned from a trip to that self assembly utopia known more commonly as IKEA in order to get new stuff to replace old and worn stuff so that the artcafé stays as beautiful and comfortable as ever. In order to give just a glimpse of how seriously James and Maggie take these essential business trips here are couple of pictures from earlier!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Peculiar Customer

Whilst working away at the espresso machine as I do most Saturdays I glanced over to a couple of folks who were just paying their bill, nothing unusual there it happens hundreds of times every day. The lady then gained my attention and beckoned me over. What she said next doesn't happen every day however(not to me anyway). "This may sound quite odd to you but would you care to look down my top?" well, I was quite busy, but sometimes to decline such an offer may offend, so I sidled over as she pulled down the front of her jumper. There between the cleavage where normally there would be...well, cleavage, was quite a large lizard. This was not something out of a Christmas cracker you understand, this was a big old fella and I at first thought it may even be a rubber one, but then he blinked at me, the lady said "he comes everywhere with me". I'm not particularly interested in lizards or reptiles in general, you know I can take 'em or leave 'em, but I think it might have been an Iguana, I am interested in people however, especially our customers of course and this lady was one of our more unusaul ones.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Our Jenny who you may recognise as one of our 'chef-lovelies' here, has a birthday today...and is now the proud owner of a brand spanking new set of knives. So, Happy Birthday Jen. from all of us.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

No News, Just Greetings Cards

As I can't find a great deal of big news today I thought I'd unashamedely plug these beautiful greetings cards we currently have. They're from original linocut prints by Penny Bhadresa and cost £2.50. I just love fact if you haven't any special occasion to send one at the moment I'd buy a set, frame them and hang them on my wall if I were you. That said, we often have Penny's original framed prints in our gallery too!

'Brief Encounter'

'Snow Fowl'

'Me and You'

'Harvest Hares'


A Facelift

We've decided that before the Spring returns the Artcafé at West Mersea is going to get a bit of a facelift. It's been a while since we gave everything a lick of paint and our poor overworked cooker [the gas range, not Maggie!] desperately needs replacing. So in order to get this essential work done we need be closed for 5 days from Monday February 2nd until Friday February 6th re-opening Saturday 7th 9am as usual.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

The First Post

Having dipped our toes in the blogosphere with theartistandthetartist and after some deliberation we thought this blogging thingy might well be the ideal conduit through which we could share just a few of the goings-on from the Artcafé with the wider world. Hopefully it will be of some interest to some of you out there, possibly at times it may be like watching paint dry, maybe to some it'll rest somewhere in between? The general idea is that of an online dairy-cum-scrapbook with which we can post some anecdotes, opinions, pictures etc. from our much loved café and gallery. We're really hoping to receive some from you too! So, just for now mine is a Semi Skimmed Latte with a shot of vanilla syrup with a slice of Maggie's Orange Fruit Teabread, toasted to within an inch of it's life and generously buttered.